What are Geo Circle Lenses?

There are numerous dissimilar ways to assume a new look. Probabilities engross distinctive attire, a different hair-do and unconventional looks with makeover. It is equally possible to alter the eyes themselves. This is a straightforward affair of using the circle lens——- an enhancing contact lens. By means of a cosmetic contact lens, it is likely for the wearer to have unusual eyes on diverse days/ nights.
The GEO circle contact lenses come in an extensive variety of shades and smartness. The regular varieties are the customary colored circle lenses, which comprise a pattern that has been in vogue for so many years. The Nudy and Fresh Color varieties match this portrayal. The Fresh Color circle contact lenses are available in brown and gray, both of which are usual colors of the eyes. The GEO Nudy lenses are available in the above mentioned two colors in addition to three other colors i.e. the usual colors of green and blue and the exclusive color of light purple. The GEO Angel lenses also present a native look, even though they are accessible as the most daring chic. They are available in five hues; and make use of a dark circle around the iris to generate the trickery of a bigger eye. The Olive type is a fusion of diverse instinctive expressions and as is available in azure, tan, gray, or bluish-purple. The iris is pale with a dusk boundary.
Other circle lenses are daring and more striking. They take in peculiar patterns and unusual patterns to capture consideration. The Hurricane circle lens deserves a special place as it is available in dull and chocolate color and has a white design entrenched in the iris. The Magic variety is available in black as well as brown and portrays a pupil with serrated edges. We suggest a smoky eye makeup with these. In contrast to some of the poor quality aesthetic circle contact lenses, that have been available in the market earlier, the GEO circle lens has been endorsed by the following as harmless to use:
– Health Canada
– The US FDA
– The KFDA as safe
Nonetheless, we suggest that patrons should seek advice from an ophthalmologist prior to using the circle contact lenses, even for totally aesthetic reasons.
The same philosophy holds true, when it comes to suitable care and preservation of the lenses. Like any other circle lens, they should not be put on for a period exceeding eight hours on the same day. Moreover, they should be dealt with no more than clean fingertips. Clean-up should be undertaken the same manner as with remedial lenses, using a suspension particularly made for the use of cleaning-up the circle lenses. With appropriate carefulness and attention to details of maintenance, the lenses can last for a year long.


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