Tips for Wearing Soft Circle Contact Lenses

Fresh wearers as well as some veteran users of circle contact lenses have many queries about the soft circle lenses hence here we present some useful tips for wearing a circle lens.

One of the generally frequently asked questions posed by the fresh wearers is that how will he or she find out if their soft contact lens has its inner surface turned outwards?

The diversity is slight however prior to placing the circle lenses in your eyes, please ensure that it appears like a half ball; but it should never appear like a bowl of soup. Also make sure that it does not appear like a u with blazed out boundaries. The proper manner to wear a circle lens is to hold the lens up in a straight line in front of your eye and then glancing down on it. If it takes shape of half a ball or a suitable U, it is the exact way.

If your circle lenses are dyed then when you place the lens on your fingertip, please gaze downward. You ought to make out the color hue along the circumference. Some circle contact lenses have a laser staining with the name of the company; so the criterion is that if you can read it appropriately, that conveys the fact that the lens is in the right location.

Prior to applying your circle lens, you are required to rinse your hands but mind you, try to avoid perfumed or greasy soap which can adhere to your lens and may lead to annoyance in your eye. Also in order to steer clear of mixing up which lens to use in which eye, we advise you, at all times place the identical eye in first.

Additionally, prior to taking out your circle lenses from their container, please do stir smoothly to slacken off the lens if it is fixed. Then glide the lens out of the container into your palm. Bathe carefully with the suitable contact lens suspension. Position the lens on the end of your index finger and with the fingers and thumb on your hand draw up on your eyelid and keep your lower eyelid down; then put the lens on the white of your eye. Rotate your eye then wink. When you feel like removing your circle contact lenses, please stare upwards and on the sides and gently draw on the inferior eyelid. Utilize your finger to smoothly move the lens on the white of your eye. Next, softly tweak the lens collectively and rise off your eye.

Putting in and taking away the circle lenses is not at all difficult and as you know practice will make you perfect.


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