How to Create an Asian Ulzzang Look

Ulzzang is a term that refers to the best face in Korean language, but the phrase has stretched out in pop culture to reflect a delicate South Korean grace. Initially the expression was employed to convey the big eyes, miniature lips, elevated bony part of the nose, and pastel creamy skin tone of Korean style brands; however Ulzzang category became accepted in the wake of picture competition, in which supporters would choose among the most chic photographs presented. As you know, the splendor of a lady is not in the apparel she wears, the stature she carries but in her eyes because that is the entrance to her compassion. During the past few decades, South Korean ladies have become so engrossed in western movie star way of life that double eyelid surgery has attained much popularity amongst them; so much so that it has become as ordinary as visiting their dentists for a regular check up.
These ladies have a search for the conventional image of western features comprising big encircling eyes, upright nose and sphere-shaped face.
Eyelid surgery entails slashing the external end of the eyes to make them spacious and circular; this style of eyes enhances self-confidence among the ladies.

How about attaining circular eyes without undergoing the injury of surgery?

Is there any other way to do so?

Yes! Sure there is a way out

What’s that?

Well! Why not think about having big eyes by usage of circle contact lenses?

Naturally you would like to find out more information about these; so let’s make a bit conversant.

A circle lens, also referred to as a big eye contact lens is a beautifying and restorative contact lens that causes the iris (the thin, circular structure in the eye) to look bigger. Given that it has become a fashion trend in China, Japan and South Korea so even if you are not gifted with big eyes by the Mother Nature, no problem!

You can get the illusion of Ulzzang beauty by wearing circle lenses; nevertheless if you are a young girl/boy, we would advise you to ask the permission of your parents after paying a visit to your Opthalmologist, who is the best person to guide you. This is vital because Circle contact lenses are not suitable for all types of eyes especially in case you have problems with the shape of your eyes such as astigmatism.Moreover,you ought to use a thin layer of eyeliner to make your eyes blow up and apply mascara only to the end of your eyelashes. Make use of skin tones of eye shadow and lustrous skin tones of lipsticks. As for the attire, use gaunt jeans of any color; but remember your Uzzlang look is incomplete without the appropriate hairstyle. So when are you going to wear the Circle contact lenses?


The Best Circle Lens

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