Are Circle Lenses Really Safe?

Circle lenses has been a topic that has been much discussed following the illustrious video of Lady Gaga in Bad Romance. Those looks of Lady Gaga have been emulated by young girls all across the globe making use of special contact lenses known as circle contact lenses. These colored lenses are available in unusual shades and make the eyes seem bigger than usual because unlike normal lenses, they swathe the iris (a smooth ring-shaped membrane at the back of the cornea of the eye) as well as part of the whites of the eyes. Many teen age girls have collected many pairs of these amazing circle lenses and wear them in accordance with the color of the attire they put on. These lenses are extensively offered (in prescription power and entirely decorative) online, merely for a nominal price of 20 to 30 bucks for a pair. After getting admired in South Korea, Japan and Singapore, these lenses became trendy amongst young students of US high Schools and Colleges. Those crazy about the use of these lenses wear them almost daily like an eyeliner or mascara.

Now the answer to the query whether wearing a circle lens is laden with dangers if any?

Well! Like every other thing the circle contact lenses also have their minus features too; these get accentuated if you don’t follow the accurate sanitization and cleanliness processes arranged by the makers of contact lenses. These instructions are the ones which have been devised by Ophthalmologists and Optometrists, hence the more you follow these; the better off you will be.

Do remember that you and only you are the end-users of the circle contact lenses; hence you have to be very attentive in looking after your eyes – the screens of the soul, as well as these lenses which are so delicate; the circle contact lenses should never be rinsed with tap water or saliva.Also, these need to be handled very gently with dry hands. Never ever, wear these lenses without storing them in multi-purpose solution (which serves to refresh the contact lenses) for six hours prior to usage.

To be honest, we are currently living on an astonishing planet which is full of loveliness and magical adventures; we can only appreciate the beauties of this planet with a good eye-sight, which amongst all the senses is the most delightful; take good care of this pretty gift of Nature.


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