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Circle Lenses are one of the fastest growing trends in Asia. In a recent article by the New York Times, teens and young adults are flocking to order circle lenses online after seeing A-list celebrities such as Lady Gaga wear circle lenses in her “Bad Romance” video.

The difference between circle lenses and normal color contact lenses is that circle lenses have an extra-wide outer ring surrounding the contact lenses which are usually transparent on most contact lenses. This creates the effect of bigger eyes because it enlarges the size of one’s iris. To this date, there have been no known methods to create larger eyes.

Circle lenses are also less expensive than normal contact lenses. However, one must research around to see which sellers are trustworthy as many circle lenses have not met proper safety standards. One of the most popular brands of circle lenses by the name of Geo Medical Co., Ltd., have been approved by the: US FDA, Health Canada, EU CE 1023, ISO 13485:2003, Russia GOST-R, Vietnam VFA, Hong Kong MDACS, Taiwan FDA, Singapore HSA, China SFDA, Japan MHLW and Korea KGMP. Due to the success of Geo circle lenses, there have been many imitations made copying their labeling. Luckily, each Geo certified lens comes with an authenticity seal which can be verified on their main website.

One website which only sells Geo certified circle lenses is This is one of the most popular circle lens websites out there.

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