The Best Way to get a Dolly Like Asian Look

You can adorn yourself beautifully with Asian dolly eyes. Have you checked your eyes with dolly design ever? You should check it out. You gave to read this document to find out the easiest ways of making dolly eyes for your beautiful makeup.

Steps to be taken:

• First of all I just want to want to say about circle lens. The thing you need first to get dolly eyes is a circle lens. But, before selecting circle lenses you need to consider some things. Because, a wrong circle lens can destroy your whole look. If you use a circle lens, then you have to wear a circle lens, which matches your skin and face.
• You have to make a cover with eye shadow that will fade a dark circles below your eyes.
• You have to be sure that your base color, is one or two folds lighter than your actual skin color; you should not be pale in color.
• You have to apply powder in order to have any shine shade on your face.
• You should use eye shadow that is of a very slight amount of sandstone colored on your eyelids.
• You should use an antique makeup pen to highlight below the eyebrows of your eye.
• You have to make sure that you have applied a thin line of eyeliner below the eyebrow. This will begin from the middle of your eye and continue up to the down past of your eyes for assuring droopy and dark look. Then, you have to start from another half of the lower lash and you should make a connection with another line to fill up the space in between the lines.
• Now, in case of decorating your lips, you should select the pink color stain and apply a little amount of red lip gloss on the inside part of your lips.
• By this process, you have finished the process of making a dolly eye.
• You can find the video from YouTube to have a practical experience from the beauticians and can make sure of your beauty.
• You can also share your experience with your friends to bring about changes to their style, and also can have idea from them, and make yourself better than others.
• You should avoid using too much eyeliner, because this will make you look like a raccoon.
• If your skin tone is black, select the nude eyeliner, rather using the white one, because nude eyeliner will show the natural beauty of your eyes.
• You should avoid using circle glass for so long time, because if you do, it may adjust permanently with your eye, and may damage your vision forever. You should be so much careful about this. Circle contact lenses can be a good alternative of glasses. So, use circle lens and be happy.


Best Circle Lens

How to Get a Sexy Anime Look

If you would like to present yourself in any party as the most gorgeous woman, you can select using anime eyes. The theme of anime eyes is absolutely outstanding, and cool. The appearance is of anime eyes is large size, and will make you look cute. You can have this eye design by following some simple steps.

Steps to follow:

– You should line your top lash line, and ensure the line is thicker at the distant corner. Then, you must adjust with a little wink. You should select black as your color option.
– You will have to go for black mascara. Elongating, and giving a thicker volume will make your eyes look beautiful, and glorious. However, always keep in mind that if you crowd your eyes with too much lashes, this will hamper the natural beauty of your eyes, and give you a depressing impact.
– Another vital element is that you have to use false eyelashes. However, you have to make sure that you bought the one of more length. In case of full lashes, your eyes will not take the beauty of round, and big eyes.
– You must use colored circle contact lenses. Circle lens is the best solution to have an anime character look, because this circle lens can give you large and doll eyes look. If you are in short of money, you can choose any deep color that can match your eyes, and take the attention of the audience. You do not need circle lens, if you have green or blue eyes. It is your interest, whether you want circle lens or not. You have one more color option, which is brown.
– Eye shadow can give you the best result of luxurious look. You can select pastels, and white for producing eye shadow. You can overboard your eye shadow, because anime eyes always mean- something to be very wild.
– In case of selecting lip glows, you should consider only light colors. Always keep it in mind that you are trying to have the attention of your audience to your beautiful eyes, not to your lips. Therefore, light red, or even clear lip can have a better outcome than using deep lip gloss.
– Get away from any sort of spots from your face. If your face is over crowded with different colorful makeup, your eyes will not take concentration. You should make your makeup as simple as possible that your eyes look amazing.

Circle lenses are one of the best ways to get anime eyes. Using circle lenses is more safe and convenient to use. So, use circle lens and get gorgeous anime eyes.


The Best Circle Lens